Established in 1985, NORANA supplies PCB assembly equipment and Semiconductor Back-end equipment in clean-rooms (including die attach, flipchip bonders, wire bonding equipment),  Front-end equipment in clean-rooms such as diffusion furnaces, other furnaces, dicing, PCB and Die Inspection Systems, conformal coating materials, EMC test instruments and EMC labs, ESD control to the electronic equipment manufacturers in Turkey. It represents and is a distributor for many international suppliers who are the world leaders in their fields.

In order to serve its customer base better, NORANA Endustriyel Ltd, a separate company, is established in 1995 in the “Aegean Free Zone Area”, near Izmir airport. In December 2005, NORANA ELEKTRONIK Dżž Ticaret A.Ž. is founded as a CORPORATION to take over the activities of Norana Endustriyel Ltd in the “Aegean Free Zone Area”. Using this company and the warehouse in the customs-free zone area, the components and systems are offered and sold to customers in Turkey or abroad in foreign currencies and without customs clearance. This reduces the cost which is passed on to the customers, which in turn results in increased competitiveness.

For the last 29 years, the most important asset NORANA strives to maintain is the trust that customers place on the quality and reliability of the products and services provided.









Norana office 

at  1.Kordon, Alsancak, Izmir, Turkiye